Tom Henry Master Electrician Exam-Combo #4

Tom Henry Master Electrician Exam-Combo #4

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Start your own library! 30 of Tom Henry's study-aids and electrical books. Every school program and electrical contractor should have this combo. The complete study guide. Why take the exam more than once? Properly prepare yourself with this combo. Includes: Ohm's Law, Electrical Math Journeyman Electrician Q & A Master Electrician Exam Q & A Transformer Exam Calculations Calculations for the Electrical Exam Electrical Theory Electrical History Journeyman Wireman Control Circuits Dictionary for the Electrician Alarm Contractor Exam Workbook Electrical Designing Workbook The Grounding Workbook Pictorial Workbook of the Code - V.1 Pictorial Workbook of the Code - V.2 Reminders for the Electrician Key Word Index How to Pass the Electrical Exam Hazardous Locations Workbook Electrical Plan Reading Workbook Calculations II Workbook Electrical Inspection Workbook Above the Ceiling Electric Motors Workbook Tom's Tips Marine Electrical Workbook Industrial Electrician Workbook Closed Book Review Code Tables Electrician's Pictorial Dictionary

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