The ACCA On-The-Job Safety Handbook (Pack of 5)

The ACCA On-The-Job Safety Handbook (Pack of 5)

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: 9781892765178

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A pocketful of safety tips! This 31⁄2 × 6-inch booklet covers ladders and scaf­folds, fire prevention, weld­ing and cutting, lockout-tagout, handling refriger­ants and other materials, working with sheet metal, vehicle safety, first aid, and more...Order one for each employee and take advantage of our quantity discount! (64 pages) - A complete set of ACCA Safety Sense Bulletins (a $50 value!) - OSHA worksite requirements, new recordkeep­ing, rules for injury and illness, hazard prevention and control, training, ac­cident investigations, and much more - Information on OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, material safety data sheets, controlling hazardous energy, and classifying hazardous substances - sheet metal safety - mobile scaffold standards - fire safety - refrigerant and com­pressed gas safety - preventive maintenance - new rules for respirator use, selection and ï¬Ât testing - safe lifting techniques - loss control audits - insurance coverage - driver safety - drug abuse programs - eye protection - commercial general liability - fraud prevention - crime and security - underground storage tanks - confined space rule

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