Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Field Guide (2015-2016)

Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Field Guide (2015-2016)

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The pocket-sized Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Field Guide contains concise summaries of the elements of the most important and commonly-charged criminal offenses and their penalties under the Penal Code, Transportation Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Education, Health & Safety Code, and Natural Resources Code, as well as notes regarding relevant court cases where useful. Quick-reference bars at the outside edges of pages and a table of commonly cited traffic offenses make this an easy reference for use by officers in street level enforcement situations. Sturdy wire binding and laminated covers mean this guide will stand up to the same professional rigors as you do, with the quality legal content you have come to expect from the expert LexisNexis editorial team. Whether you are a law enforcement professional purchasing a single copy of this guide or a supervisor purchasing copies for your whole department, this reference will rapidly become a dependable and essential part of your gear bag.

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