Steam Properties for Industrial Use Based On IAPWS

Steam Properties for Industrial Use Based On IAPWS

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For the past 30 years, ASME Steam Tables (based on the 1967 Formulation for Industrial Use - IFC67) has served the power industry. Now, AME Press introduces ASME Steam Properties for Industrial Use (with the steam properties based on IAPWS - IF97), a new software version with unique bridging routines. With this new software, you can quickly and easily apply IF97 to your power generation facility. This software version with accompanying documentation not only improves accuracy, speed, and internal consistency, but it also has been formally adopted for international use. Starting in January 1999, ASME Steam Properties for Industrial Use became the international standard for power plant and industrial calculation, used in conjunction with contract commitments. To update existing computer programs containing IFC67, simply replace the IFC routines with the new IAPWS - IF96 routines. Advantages of IF97 over IFC67: * Improved Consistency at Interregional Boundaries- new formulation has much smaller deviations at the region boundaries * Better Agreement with Scientific Formulation (IAPWS-95)- designed to be within close tolerances of IAPWS-95, the state-of-the-art representation of steam tables * Improved Calculation Speed- optimized for computational speed for the types of calculations performed most frequently in industry * Agreement with ITS-90 International Temperature Scale- ensures consistency with the recognized international standard * New High Temperature Region- allows calculation of consistent steam properties in gas-turbine applications where water or steam injection is employed up to 3632 F * Properties of Metastable Steam- a Gibbs energy equation provides the best representation available for the metastable region * Additional enhancements- includes speed of sound as a set of callable functions for each region. (+VAT on UK orders)

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