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The Minnesota Master Electrician's Study package includes: 2014 National Electrical Code Color Coded EZ-Tabs The Master Electrician Exam Questions & Answers 2014 Calculations Exam Questions and Answers 2014 Formula Insert Pages There are many new and revised requirements in the 2014 National Electrical Code that impact residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installations. The code covers the latest requirements on electrical wiring and equipment installation issues, including minimum provisions for the use of connections, voltage markings, conductors, & cables. The updated self-adhesive NEC Tabs make it easier than ever to navigate the book. They provide the perfect tool for organizing the code's various sections. The master electrician exam questions & answers book will prepare you for both the code book related questions and the new "nook book" questions. It is designed to advance the electrician in the code from the journeyman level to the master's level. This book also includes the most popular electrical exam formats and is the best way to study the code book as it forces you to find the answers in the time limit. The workbook contains 12 closed book exams, a 50 question true/false exam, 17 open book exams, along with a 4 hour 100 question final exam. Calculations for the electrical exam contains 9 chapters of solid calculation instruction. The book covers continuous loads, branch circuits, ampacity & correction factors for ambient temperatures, and neutral conductors. It also covers conductor terminations for 110, the advantages of using 90 degree Celsius conductors, calculating motor overload protection, along with the over current protection & wire sizing for the branch circuit and feeder for single phase and three phase motors, & MUCH MORE. We highly recommend this bundle to anyone studying for the Master Electrician exam!

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