Milk and Milk Products Spray Drying Systems

Milk and Milk Products Spray Drying Systems

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These 3-A Accepted Practices shall pertain to the sanitary aspects of equipment for spray drying milk and milk products, and include all equipment necessary for spray drying milk and milk products beginning with the discharge of the final pump which delivers the liquid product to the atomizers and terminates at the point the finished product leaves the system for conveying either to the packaging system or to bulk storage. The drying system may include but shall not be limited to the equipment used for moving and cleaning air, heating and/or cooling air, fluid product handling, fluid product heating, fluid product atomizing, gas injection into the product, atomized product dispersion into the heated air, dry ingredient introduction into the process air or product, product reintroduction, agglomeration, dry or partially dry product retention, additional product drying, separating dry product from the air, exhausting the air, dry product cooling and/or conveying, dry product sifting and classifying, dry product particle size reduction, metallic particle detection and separation, internal vibration, air locks, fire suppression appurtenances, pressure relief (explosion venting), product sampling, heat recovery, permanently installed mechanical cleaning devices, instrument sensor fittings, observation ports and any other equipment that may become a part of the spray drying system for handling processing air or product.

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