ISA TR108.1-2015 Intelligent Device Management Part 1: Concepts and Terminology

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ISA-TR108.1 describes concepts and terminology necessary to understand and communicate effectively about intelligent device management. It gives an overview of the basic concepts of how intelligent devices can be managed and an overview of how this device management plays a larger role in the overall objectives of a facility throughout its lifecycle. This document explains the relationship between IDM and other existing asset management standards. The ultimate goal of this document is to provide basic knowledge to understand the concept of intelligent device management so that they can implement such a system in their facility. This document gives the reader a basic understanding of what intelligent device management is and what it can do. This document provides organization for the many diverse activities that are employed in IDM in addition to providing common language to describe those activities. The concepts include what kinds of activities are needed and some roles associated with these activities. The need for and methods for management coordination of multiple roles by multiple stakeholders is discussed.

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