Gage Blanks B47.1

Gage Blanks B47.1

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This Standard covers standard designs for the following: (a) plain and thread plug gage blanks to 12.010 in. maximum gaging diameter; (b) plain and thread ring gage blanks to 12.260 in. maximum gaging diameter; (c) involute and serrated spline plug and ring gage blanks to 8.000 in. major diameter; (d) straight-sided spline plug and ring gage blanks to major diameters of 8.000 in. for plugs and 6.000 in. for rings; (e) machine taper plug and ring gage blanks to 5.000 in. gaging diameter; (f) adjustable snap gages to 12 in.; (g) adjustable length gages to any desired length; (h) master disks up to 8.010 in. in diameter.

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