FM APPROVALS 7730 Explosion Venting Devices

FM APPROVALS 7730 Explosion Venting Devices

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This standard contains requirements for devices used to protect vessels by venting internal pressure caused by deflagrations arising from the rapid buring of suspended dust in the protected volume. These devices are commonly referred to as explosion venting devices. Product Class 7731 (Standard Explosion Venting Device) and Product Class 7732 (Flameless Explosion Venting Devices are included in the scope of this standard. A standard explosion venting device typically comprises a pressure sensitive element that is affixed to the vessel it is intended to protect, and designed to immediately open a vent area when a certain predetermined pressure is reached in the vessel. The vent area must be large enough, and vent pressure low enough, to ensure that the maximum pressure reached in the vessel from a deflagration does not exceed the maximum pressure the vessel is designed to resist. A flameless explosion venting device typically combines a standard explosion venting device with an additional flame arresting element to minimize the external hazards that can be generated during venting, such as a flame jet, blast wave effects, and potential external explosion of vented unburned explosive mixture.

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