Environmental Compliance Made Easy: A Checklist Approach for Industry

Environmental Compliance Made Easy: A Checklist Approach for Industry

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The newly revised and thoroughly updated Environmental Compliance Made Easy handbook from Government Institutes' popular "Made Easy" series reorganizes thousands of pages worth of federal environmental regulatory programs into one easy-to-use compliance resource, organized by program. Intended as both a beginner's guide and a veteran's reference, this edition provides readers with a concise summary of the major environmental programs and introduces readers to the laws and regulations programs, key requirements, responsibilities of regulated parties, and compliance and auditing processes of each.

In addition to covering air quality management, hazardous materials management, impact assessments, and underground storage tank management, this new edition now also covers homeland security and emergency response, compliance audits, information technology initiatives and innovation, pesticide management, property transfer and due diligence, solid waste and toxic substance management, and training.

Readers will emerge with a fundamental understanding of which environmental management programs they should consider and how to implement them when developing proactive

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