CTA 2038 Command-Driven Analog IR-Synchronized Active Eyewear (Formerly ANSI/CEA 2038)

CTA 2038 Command-Driven Analog IR-Synchronized Active Eyewear (Formerly ANSI/CEA 2038)

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CEA-2038 defines a standard method of Infrared (IR) emitter-to-eyewear signaling that provides a basis for interoperability between time-multiplexed (including stereographic and dual-mode) display systems manufactured by different manufacturers for use in the home. The method synchronizes eyewear with display refresh timing by controlling the activity of the eyewear shutters using a standardized unidirectional IR emitter-to-eyewear signal, having standardized wavelength, carrier frequency, burst patterns, codes, timing, frequency range, and maximum distance. The method allows display manufacturers to optimize the duty cycle and switching points of the eyewear to suit the characteristics of each display model or technology. Therefore, improvements in display technology are reflected in the timing of the signals generated by the display/emitter and modifications to standard eyewear are not required. Likewise, improvements in eyewear technology do not impact the design of standard display/emitter devices. The method avoids conflict with legacy emitter-to-eyewear signaling systems so that eyewear may be designed to interoperate with legacy systems as well. The method addresses interference and susceptibility issues relating to other IR devices that might also be found in a typical home environment. The method supports a wide range of display types including LCD, PDP, and DLP. In the case of LCD displays, the method supports both continuous and LED back-lit displays.

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