ASME Y14.3-2012 - Orthographic and Pictorial Views (2013)

ASME Y14.3-2012 - Orthographic and Pictorial Views (2013)

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This Standard establishes the requirements for creating orthographic, and pictorial views on engineering drawing graphic sheets and in models. View requirements are generally the same regardless of how they are created. Specific requirements that are applicable only to constructed or to saved views are defined throughout the standard.

The topics covered include the multiview system of drawing, selection, and arrangement of orthographic views, auxiliary views, section views, details, pictorial views, conventional representation of features with some practices applicable only to constructed views, practices applicable to saved views on drawing graphic sheets, and practices applicable only to saved views in models.

The methods for constructing orthographic and pictorial views are beyond the scope of this Standard. Space geometry and space analysis and applications are included in the appendices for informational purposes.

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