ASM Engineering Materials Reference Book, Second Edition

ASM Engineering Materials Reference Book, Second Edition

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Better than ever! The all-in-one reference book on physical and mechanical properties, processing parameters, and design and machining data of engineered materials Heavily revised: includes greatly expanded Ceramics coverage and two new sections on Traditional Ceramics and Glasses Engineering Plastics coverage includes a new section on Structure and Properties and expanded information on Production and Machining Electronic Material coverage has been reorganized for faster reference Alloy phase diagrams have been omitted to provide more of the information requested nu users. This popular reference contains four major areas on Composites, Ceramics, Engineering Plastic and Electronic materials. Each area compiles and organizes a tabular information and molecular structures where applicable. A complete table of contents guides you quickly to the information for which you are looking. The greatly expanded Ceramics area contains 61 tables of information for the following categories: standards and general applications thermodynamic and solid state data physical and mechanical properties high temperature applications friction, wear and abrasion environmenta effects manufacturing and production. A new section, Traditional Ceramics, contains 48 tables covering the areas of whitwares and clay-based products tile and brick cements and concretes refractories glazes, enamels and coatings processing. A second new section on Glasses contains 50 tables for the areas of composition and applications (for various categories of glasses), properties, glass-ceramics and glass-metal seals. In the Plastics area, the section on Thermoplastics contains 167 tables and 23 figures, as well as a new section on Structures and properties. Coverage of production and Machining has been expanded to include moulding and forming processes, processing parameters for specific materials, and secondary operations (including machining).

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