ASAE/ASABE AD5707:2007 Milking machine installations-Construction and performance

ASAE/ASABE AD5707:2007 Milking machine installations-Construction and performance

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ANSI/ASABE AD5707:2007, Milking machine installations-Construction and performance, is an adoption with deviations of the identically titled ISO Standard ISO 5707:2007, Milking machine installations - Construction and performance. Deviations noted in the following Forward sections pertain to those provisions where harmonization could not be achieved between ASABE and the International Standard. ANSI/ASABE AD5707:2007 specifies the minimum performance and information requirements and certain dimensional requirements for satisfactory functioning of milking machines for milking and cleaning. It also specifies minimum requirements for materials, design, manufacture and installation. This Standard is applicable to milking machines for milking cows, water buffaloes, sheep and goats where animals are milked with pulsation created by vacuum, and where milk is, at least partly, transported with the help of airflow. Some clauses are not applicable to all types of milking machines. The qualitative requirements also apply to installations for milking other mammals used for milk production.

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