ASA S3.55-2015/PART 3 / IEC 60318-3:2014 American National Standard Electroacoustics - Simulators of Human Head and Ear - Part 3: Acoustic Coupler for the Calibration of Supra-aural Earphones Used in Audiometry (a nationally adopted international standard

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This part of ANSI/ASA S3.55 / IEC 60318 specifies an acoustic coupler for the measurement of supraaural audiometric earphones in the frequency range from 125 Hz to 8,000 Hz. The sound pressure developed by an earphone is not, in general, the same in the coupler as in a person's ear. However, the acoustic coupler can be used as an objective and reproducible means of measuring the output of supra-aural earphones. It can be used for specifying reference equivalent threshold sound pressure levels (RETSPL) for the calibration of audiometers.

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