Applied Dynamics in Engineering

Applied Dynamics in Engineering

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This book is primarily a guide for professionals and can be used by students of Dynamics. It features 96 real-life problems in dynamics that are common in all engineering fields; including industrial, mechanical and electrical. And it uses a special table guide that allows the reader to find the solution to each specific problem. The descriptions of the solutions of problems are presented in the chapters 3 to 18.
·         The analysis of the structure of the differential equation of motion, as well as the analysis of the components that constitute this equation presented in the Chapter 1 allow readers to understand the principles of composing the differential equation of motion for actual engineering systems.
·         Presents the straightforward universal methodology of solving linear differential equations of motion based on the Laplace transform.
·         The table of Laplace Transform pairs presented in the Chapter 1 is based on reviewing numerous related analytical sources and represents a comprehensive source containing sufficient information for solving the differential equations of motion for common engineering systems.
·         Helps determine the number of possible common engineering problems based on the analysis of the structure of the differential equation of motion, as well as on the realistic resisting and active loading factors that constitute the differential equation of motion.
·         Each paragraph represents a standalone description.  There is no need to look for notations or analytical techniques throughout the book. The book contains all required supplemental information for solving the problems. 

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