: American Petroleum Institute

: GX70202

: Book


Specification for Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections, Second Edition, Includes Errata (2017)

This standard specifies the following requirements on rotary shouldered connections for use in petroleum and natural gas industries: dimensional requirements on threads and thread gauges, stipulations on gauging practice and gauge specifications, as well as instruments and methods for inspection of thread connections. These connections are intended primarily for use in drill-string components. 

Other supplementary specifications can be agreed between interested parties for special tolerance requirements, qualification, testing, inspection, and finishing. This standard applies both to newly manufactured connections and connections that are recut after service. It should be realized that recut connections are subject to additional inspection and testing--the user is referred to API 7G-2 for such information. 

This standard is applicable to the following preferred rotary shouldered connection designs. These are traceable to an internationally supported system of gauges and calibration that can be described as number (NC) style, regular (REG) style, or full-hole (FH) style.

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