API MPMS Chapter 18.2

API MPMS Chapter 18.2

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This standard defines the minimum equipment and methods used to determine the quantity and quality of crude oil being loaded from a lease tank to a truck trailer without requiring direct access to a lease tank gauge hatch. Methods and equipment described are grouped by tank zone, trailer zone, and the transition zone between the two. The equipment used for measurement is dependent on the existing design of the lease equipment, the equipment used to transport the product, or a combination of the two. Some sites may require measurements from multiple zones in order to arrive at an accurate load quantity and quality. This publication integrates by reference the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS) for sampling, temperature determination, gauging, and quality testing into a framework that may be applied during custody transfer of crude oil from lease tanks to a tank truck without requiring direct access to the tank thief gauge hatch. Many of the individual standards have guidelines defining the frequency and tolerances for installation, verification, and calibration of the specified equipment under controlled or ideal conditions allowing for uncertainty within custody transfer requirements. However, with the conditions encountered in many of today's applications, the installation, verification, and calibration of measurement devices may have higher uncertainties due to the operational characteristics and limited access available at the lease site. In the interest of safety and environmental concerns, these higher uncertainties may still provide acceptable measurement for custody transfer of crude oil from tanks using the defined alternate methods. The alternate measurement methods discussed in this standard are intended to minimize uncertainty and bias while encouraging consistent measurement and testing practices using existing technologies within API standards.

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