ANSI Z136.2 (2012) Safe Use of Optical Fiber Communication Systems Utilizing Laser Diode and LED Sources

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This standard provides guidance for the safe use, maintenance, service, and installation of optical communications systems utilizing laser diodes or light emitting diodes operating at wavelengths between 0.6 mm and 1 mm. Optical communication systems include end-to-end optical fiber based links, fixed terrestrial point-to-point free-space links, or a combination of both. This standard is intended to be used by those who assemble the end-to-end system and by service, maintenance, and other personnel who may come in contact with such systems where access is in uncontrolled, controlled and restricted locations. It provides detailed safety information for systems where optical energy may be accessible and where source parameters are uncertain or not under the control of the user. Control measures commensurate with the specific hazard level (optical fiber links) and access level (free-space links) are provided. Most evaluations can be carried out analytically and a number of representative examples of hazard evaluation are provided in the Appendixes (soft bound, 127 pages).

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