Air Conditioning Principles

Air Conditioning Principles

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: 9781616070045

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This course offers instruction on the basic principles of air conditioning. Residential air conditioning systems, basic heat pump theory, water-source heat pumps, computer room environmental control, and economizer systems are explored. Psychrometrics and the proper steps for calculating cooling loads for residential structures are also explained. Contents: Lesson 1 Moisture in Air Lesson 2 Calculating Cooling Loads Lesson 3 Room Air Conditioners Lesson 4 Types of Air Conditioning Systems Lesson 5 Residential Air Conditioning (Part 1) Lesson 6 Residential Air Conditioning (Part 2) Lesson 7 Residential Air Conditioning (Part 3) Lesson 8 Basic Heat Pump Theory (Part 1) Lesson 9 Basic Heat Pump Theory (Part 2) Lesson 10 Water-Source Heat Pumps Lesson 11 Psychrometrics Lesson 12 The Psychrometric Calculator Lesson 13 Computer Room Environmental Control Lesson 14 Economizer Systems (Part 1) Lesson 15 Economizer Systems (Part 2)

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