AIAA S-133-5-2013 Space Plug-and-Play Architecture Standard - 28V Power Service (2013)

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This standard is applicable to systems operating under the Space Plug-and-Play Architecture.

The SPA 28V Power Service Standard establishes specifications regarding the quality of the power service such as voltage ripple, transients, and interruptions.

The scope of this document is limited to the interface between a SPA-equipped spacecraft and SPA-compliant device. This interface is implemented at a physical SPA endpoint connector, specified in AIAA S-133-4-2013 SPA Physical Interface Standard, which contains details of the connector type, pin assignments, and wiring harnesses. Details of the design of a specific spacecraft electrical power subsystem, including power sources such as solar arrays and power storage devices such as batteries, are not relevant to the SPA power interface described in this document.

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