AEIC CG5-15 - Underground Extruded Power Cable Pulling Guide

AEIC CG5-15 - Underground Extruded Power Cable Pulling Guide

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: 1110000015133

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This guide outlines the pulling parameters that need to be considered when installing underground power cable in a duct. Only extruded power cable is covered. Installations with more than three cables in a conduit are not included. Cable installations in trays or racks are also not included. A variety of pulling guides and computer software are available from many power cable manufacturers and cable lubricant manufacturers. This guide is intended to complement these publications. Cable specialists from each electric power utility may desire to use this guide to develop their own simplified version which incorporates criteria unique to their systems. In the body of this guide a simplified approach is used to calculate pulling tensions and sidewall bearing pressures (SWBP) for the most commonly encountered conditions in the field.

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