Acid Stimulation

Acid Stimulation

: Society of Petroleum Engineers

: 9781613994269

: Book


Syed A. Ali, Leonard Kalfayan, and Carl Montgomery

Stimulation of oil, gas, and injection wells with acid is almost as old as the petroleum engineering industry itself. But, the science and technology of acidizing has undergone striking changes in recent years. SPE's latest book, Acid Stimulation, ensures a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute presentation by including an author team of 19 subject matter experts, all at the forefront of the development of acidizing technology. Each chapter, authored separately by individuals from the author team, delivers an authoritative presentation of the key areas of Acid Stimulation, providing an important resource for anyone who designs, analyzes, and/or improves acidizing treatments.

Acid Stimulation includes
• A concise review of the tremendous amount of information that has been gathered on the subject since the introduction of the first patents 100 years ago.
• A summary of the mechanisms that cause formation damage and how to quantify that damage.
• A summary of the chemistry, reaction kinetics, and methods of measurement of reactive fluids.
• The latest design information and philosophies for both carbonate and sandstone acidizing.
• Coverage of diversion, acid additives, and acid corrosion control included.
• Includes guidelines for treatment evaluation and real-time diagnostics.
• The latest models and measurement techniques for the prediction of acid fracture conductivity, rock dissolution, worm-holing fluid loss, and acid transport.
• Current practices in acid treatment safety, quality control, and protection of the environment.
• Many of the sections are supplemented with problem sets to reinforce concepts.

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