AASHTO R 73-16

AASHTO R 73-16

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This standard practice describes the evaluation of precast concrete pipe, box culverts, manholes, and drainage inlets. This standard also describes criteria for acceptable products, repairable products, and the rejection of defective products. All repairs shall conform to the criteria found in this document or to contract documents as applicable. This standard practice is applicable to storm water management precast concrete products, manufactured by both the wet cast and dry cast production methods, after curing and prior to installation. This standard practice covers the inspection of finished products manufactured per M 86, M 170, M 199, M 206, M 207, M 242, M 259, and M 273; and ASTM C443, C858, C913, C985, C1417, C1433, C1504, and C1577. Evaluation guidelines are included for the following conditions: cracks, manufacturing defects, and damaged ends. This standard practice is not intended for the evaluation of installed precast concrete pipe, box culverts, three-sided structures, manholes, drainage inlets, or other precast products.

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