AA ASD-2013

AA ASD-2013

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The 2013 edition of Aluminum Standards and Data is a revision to the 2009 edition. This indispensible reference consists of three main parts; blue pages, yellow pages and white pages, as follows: The first three sections of the blue pages contain information on aluminum characteristics, alloy and temper designations, mill product specifications, nominal composition, typical mechanical and physical properties, density calculation procedure, comparative characteristics and application, fabrication/heat treatments of wrought aluminum and wrought aluminum alloy products; The fourth section of blue pages describes quality control and guidelines for testing, inspection, and identification; The fifth section (yellow pages) lists the terminology associated with wrought aluminum products; The first section of white pages covers standard limits for chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties and dimensional tolerances for wrought aluminum mill products; designations for clad products; chemical composition limits and; The remaining nine sections (white pages) consist of standards for chemical coposition, limits, mechanical property limits, dimensional tolerances, and other data classified by product form. The tolerances are those included in the ANSI H35.2 Standard Tolerances for Aluminum Mill Products. In addition, the latest 2013 edition of the American National Standards Alloy and Temper Designation for Aluminum, ANSI H35.1/H36.1M, is reprinted in the blue section of this document.

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