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Overview The new edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) has been extensively revised and updated, keeping pace with new technology and industry needs. Key changes align with the changes and revisions to the 23rd edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, as well as changes specific to the province of Ontario. Highlights and Key Changes: Includes access to Electrical Safety Authority Bulletins for important updates and rule interpretations Contains more than 200 updates and revisions, including major changes to sections on renewable energy, hazardous locations and electric heating Details expanded requirements for the use of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) in homes Includes changes to hazardous area classifications and zone requirements that will affect your installations and potentially save you money Clarifies and provides guidance on what defines clearances between lighting fixtures and nearby combustible material Outlines revised requirements for wiring at non-commercial docks Aligns with TSSA requirements for propane storage and vehicle refueling Introduces new requirements for the installation of LED in residential occupancies Covers requirements for location of supply connections in parking lots for recreational vehicles Why You Need the New Edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code Compliance with the requirements of the latest edition of the OESC is the law for anyone performing electrical installations in the province of Ontario. The new OESC is based on the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code Part I and is developed and compiled through the efforts of a number of volunteer technical committees and subcommittees representing key electrical industry stakeholders and jurisdictions across Canada.

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