2014 Radio Navigational Aids

2014 Radio Navigational Aids

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Pub. 117, Radio Navigational Aids, is a list of selected worldwide stations which provide electronic services to the mariner. This edition cancels all previous editions of Pub. 117. The listing is divided into chapters according to the nature of the service performed by the stations. The first numeral (hundreds digit) of section numbers of text and the first numeral (thousands digit) of station numbers correspond to the chapter number. Radiobeacons, the only category of radio navigational aids not listed in this book, are grouped geographically and carried in the NGA Lists of Lights, Pub. 110 - 116, and USCG Light Lists. Times quoted herein are, unless otherwise stated, in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and hours are reckoned from 0000 to 2359. All bearings are true and are measured in degrees clockwise from 000 (true north) to 359 . The sectors of radio direction finder stations are given as looking from the station to seaward in accordance with international practice; it should be noted that this is the reverse of the method used in the light lists for expressing the sectors of lights. Distances are reckoned in nautical miles unless otherwise stated. When the term plain language is used in the description of the services rendered by a station, it signifies that the service is in the language of the country controlling the station, unless stated to be otherwise.

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