Chemical Engineering - Before there were chemical engineers there were chemists and there were engineers. Chemical engineers have a technical knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, materials science and information technology. Becoming a chemical engineer requires an education, but the benefits are well worth the cost.

 List of 150+ Chemical Engineering Schools: USA - Choosing the right school where to get your chemical enigneering degree is a big decision. There are a lot of great schools out there, but just because a school is ranked high does not necessarily mean it's the right one for you. Take yor time and look through as many as you can until you feel you've narrowed down only the best ones for you. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of 150+ chemical engineering schools here in the USA.

pen-icon.png Best Cities to Work in for Chemical Engineers - Did you know that there are currently more than 30,000 chemical engineers working in the United States? That’s right, and they’re working all over the country. But some cities are better to work in than others, and we’ve compiled a list for you of the Top 20 Best Cities to work in for chemical engineers.